Welcome to www.phrasalverbsexamples.com - a website by Daniel Shepherd of Shaer Publishing all about phrasal verbs. I was an English teacher in Japan for 15 years, where I ran a language school and taught students of all ages and from a wide variety of backgrounds. On this website, you'll find examples of phrasal verbs in everyday conversations. By observing how native speakers use phrasal verbs, you too can learn how to use them like a native!

Phrasal verbs examples
Phrasal Verbs
Easy phrasal verbs

Easy Phrasal Verbs

Learn English verbs through conversations


Check out my book about phrasal verbs in everyday conversations. It will really help you to learn common phrasal verbs. I've written over 450 everyday conversations and more than 200 exercises which will show you how to use phrasal verbs like a native speaker. 


This book is very helpful for learning phrasal verbs. It's also great for improving conversation skills.

Bernardus Indra - ESL Student


A great book! The conversations are really helpful for remembering phrasal verbs.

Shizuka Yamamoto - Marketing Assistant


Highly recommended for English learners having problems with English phrasal verbs. I've also found it very useful when teaching students.

Robin Pinkney B. Ed, DELTA - ESL Teacher


Books about phrasal verbs

Phrasal Verb Exercises

For free phrasal verb exercises and examples, check my blog for regular updates!



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