#1 - Exercises

October 22, 2015

Check out the exercises below using "get to".  


For more about "get to", read the previous blog post, Phrasal Verb of the Week 1 - Get to








1. Fred and John work in the same office together. They are talking about how they travel to work.


Fred: The traffic was really bad this morning.

John: I know! I was stuck in traffic for nearly an hour.

Fred: What time did you ______ here?

John: Um.. Around 9:20, I think.

Fred: I'm thinking about taking the subway and walking when the traffic is bad.

John: Good idea.


2. Rita is asking a member of staff at the bus station for information about arrival times.


Rita: Hi. Could you tell me what time the 201 bus ______ Boston, please?

Staff: Sure. Just a minute. It ______ Boston at about 2pm.

Rita: About?

Staff: Yes. The scheduled arrival time is 2pm, but it's sometimes late because of traffic.

Rita: I see. Thanks.

Staff: You're welcome.


3. Emma is on her way to a party, but she is running late. She calls her friend, Josh, to tell him that she will be late.


Josh: Hi Emma. What's up?
Emma: Are you at the party already?

Josh: No. I haven't ______ there yet. The traffic is bad.
Emma: I'm gonna be late.
Josh: Ok. No worries. I think I'll be pretty late, too.
Emma: Ok. See you when I see you.
Josh: Ok. Take care.
Emma: Bye.
Josh: See ya.


4. Jasmine and Trey are having coffee together in the office cafe. They are both having a very stressful day.


Jasmine: Oh my God. I'm so stressed. I just haven't stopped all morning.
Trey: Me, too. I don't know what happened. I wasn't that busy yesterday, but this morning the phone just won't stop ringing.
Jasmine: Didn't you have a big meeting this morning?
Trey: Yeah. I had to go to the downtown office.
Jasmine: But the traffic is terrible. Did you ______ in time?
Trey: Just. I had five minutes to spare!
Jasmine: Roll on the weekend.
Trey: Can't wait.


5. Natasha calls her personal assistant, Peter.


Natasha: Hello, Peter.
Peter: Hi Natasha. 
Natasha: I'm afraid I'm going to be late for my meeting this morning. Could you reschedule the meeting, please?
Peter: Ok. Do you know what time you'll ______ the office?
Natasha: I'm not sure. My car's broken down. It's probably best if you just postpone the meeting until tomorrow.
Peter: Sure. I'll do it now. Do you need me to call Green Flag?
Natasha: It's ok. I've already called them. They'll be here soon.
Peter: Ok. See you late, hopefully.
Natasha: Yes. See you.


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