#2 - Exercises

November 5, 2015

Check out the exercises below using "come from".  


For more about "come from", read the previous blog post, Phrasal Verb of the Week 2 - Come from








Fill in the blanks in the following conversations with the correct form of “come from”:



A: Does John ______ a wealthy family?

B: Why do you ask?

A: I’ve seen him driving a very expensive car.

B: No. I don’t think so. Maybe he was just renting it.



A: I don’t think many kids from poor neighborhoods do well at school.

B: Really? I ______ a poor neighborhood and quite a lot of kids in my class ended up going to college. I went to Harvard.



A: My grandfather ______ quite a religious family. He was quite shocked when I started living with my girlfriend.

B: Why?

A: Because we weren’t married first.

B: Oh, I see. “Living in sin” as they say!

A: Exactly.


A: This is a great youth club. How many kids come here every week?

B: Oh. Just over a hundred, I think. Most of them ______ families where the parents have alcohol or drug problems. This place is somewhere they can come to experience some normality.



A: Who is going to marry Prince Harry?

B: I'm not sure. I don't think he's going to marry his current girlfriend.

A: Why not?

B: She doesn't ______ money. 

A: She looks pretty wealthy.

B: I think it's just good makeup and fashion sense.

A: Ha ha. Hilarious.


If you found these exercises useful, check out my new book which contains over 450 original conversations plus over 200 exercises!


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