#3 - Exercises

November 19, 2015

Check out the exercises below using "go on".  


For more about "go on", read the previous blog post, Phrasal Verb of the Week 3 - Go on








Fill in the blanks in the following conversations with the correct form of “go on”:



A: I tried that new eyeliner you recommended. I don't think it suits me. 

B: Really? Why not?

A: I think it's too dark for my complexion. I think I'll ______ using my old eyeliner.



A: What time did you leave the office last night? It must have been really late.

B: Well, after you left I just _______ working. I think I finished at about 10pm.

A: Wow. You're really dedicated.

B: No. I'm just not good at my job! It takes me twice as long to do things as other people.



A: I’m afraid the marketing budget is going to be cut next year.

B: I know, but it's very important that we ______ with the market research study in China. We can reduce the size of the study, but it must happen.


4. In a meeting

A: This slide shows how we expect student numbers at the college to grow over the next 5 years.

Phone rings

B: Hello? Sorry, I’m in a meeting at the moment. I’ll call you back. Thanks.

A: Shall I continue?

B: Yes, sorry. Please ______ .



A: What’s that?

B: It’s a pair of heated slippers. They'll keep my feet warm this winter.

A: Why do you need them? Wear some socks like a normal person! If you ______ wasting money, you won't be able to afford to go to college.

B: Ok, ok. Don't nag, mom.



If you found these exercises useful, check out my new book which contains over 450 original conversations plus over 200 exercises!


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