#5 - Exercises

January 15, 2016

Check out the exercises below using "go back".  


For more about "go back", read the previous blog post, Phrasal Verb of the Week 5 - Go back








Fill in the blanks in the following conversations with the correct form of “go back”:



A: This is my first visit to Stonehenge.

B: Really? It’s such an interesting place. The ruins here ______ thousands of years. 

A: Wow. Like the pyramids.

B: Yes. 



A: Jane told me that you know Claire in the Sales Department.

B: Yes, I do. Claire and I ______ years. We went to school together in a small town in Wales.

A: No way. I had no idea.



A: Many of the items on display in this museum ______ centuries. Please do not touch anything without wearing protective gloves.

B: Of course. I’ll be very careful.



A: This song is very beautiful.

B: Yes, it is. It's an old Japanese melody that ______ to at least the 16th Century.

A: Really? Wow.



A: I can’t believe people used to put leeches on themselves to cure disease.

B: Yes. But, actually, they're still used in modern medicine to remove excess blood.

A: No way! That's gross!

B: Maybe to you, but they're very effective. Using leeches in medicine actually ______ 2,500 years.

A: That's amazing.



If you found these exercises useful, check out my new book which contains over 450 original conversations plus over 200 exercises!


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