#6 - Exercises

June 4, 2017

Check out the exercises below using "think about".  


For more about "think about", read the previous blog post, Phrasal Verb of the Week 6 - Think about








Fill in the blanks in the following conversations with the correct form of “think about”:



A: What are you plans for the summer vacation?

B: Nothing definite yet, but I'm ______ going to Rome. I've always wanted to go.



A: I love your apartment. It's so homey.

B: Thanks, but I don't really like the interior much. This is how it was when I moved in.

A: I see.

B: Yeah. I often ______ redecorating, but I never seem to find the time.

A: I know what you mean. I want to paint my apartment, too, but I'm just too busy.



A: How much do you pay for English lessons?

B: I pay quite a lot. $40 per hour.

A: Wow. That's expensive!

A: I know. I ______ changing to a different school, but I decided to stay with my current tutor. She's excellent.



A: What's up with your back?

B: My doctor says it's "non-specific back pain"

A: What does that mean?

B: It means he doesn't know what's wrong!

A: Ok. Try another doctor!

B: Yeah. I've been ______ getting a second opinion. I'll take a look online today.



A: Oh! You've got a new laptop.

B: Yeah. It's a MacBook

A: Nice. I was ______ buying one, but I decided to get something cheaper. I wouldn't use all the functions anyway. I just needed something to write papers on.

B: I do a lot of video editing so the MacBook is really useful for me.



If you found these exercises useful, check out my new book which contains over 450 original conversations plus over 200 exercises!


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