#7 - Answers

September 7, 2018


The phrasal verb, go on, is used very often and it has at least 10 different meanings! Don't panic! In this blog post we are going to look at how to use go on when it means talk or say too much. See my previous blog post to see examples of how to use it in everyday conversations.


Below are the answers to #7 exercises.







FIll in the blanks with the correct form of the phrasal verb "go on".




Jane: How was your trip to see your mom?

Trey: Oh... It was awful!

Jane: How come?

Trey: She kept going on and on about me needing to find a girlfriend.

Jane: Ah. What did you say to her?

Trey: I said, I'm not ready. I only broke up with Cara two months ago.

Jane: I suppose your mom just wants you to be happy.




Roger: Hey Yuka. How's your homestay going?

Yuka: It's ok. But I don't like the mom's father much.

Roger: Why not?

Yuka: I met him for the first time last weekend when we had a family party and he just went on about World War 2 for the whole afternoon.




Eric: Have you seen that new movie with Ryan Gosling yet?

Wes: Yeah. It was ok.

Eric: Ok?! I thought it was awesome.

Wes: Ryan's a good actor but his character goes on a bit too much about boring stuff. He's good looking but I prefer it when he keeps his mouth closed!

Eric: You're hilarious.

Wes: I know!


Rewrite the following conversations by replacing the phrasal verb "go on" with an alternative expression that has a similar meaning. You may need to change the structure of the sentence. 


There are many ways you can do this. I have written the answers to sound as natural as possible.




Peter: Rob! Why haven't you washed your dishes? This kitchen is disgusting.

Rob: Ok, ok. I'll wash them tonight.

Peter: How about now? They've been sitting there for two days now.

Rob: Stop nagging me about it. I'll do it tonight.




Trish: What's up Pat? Where's that beautiful smile gone?

Pat: Smile? You've gotta be kidding. My mom keeps pushing me to move out. She says that I'm old enough to get my own room somewhere and that I have to move out and grow up.

Trish: Oh.. Harsh. Maybe she's right?

Pat: Oh great. Not you, too.






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