#8 - Exercises

October 12, 2018


The phrasal verb, come on, is used very often and it has at least 7 major meanings. In this blog post we are going to look at how to use come on when it means to progress or develop. 



Below are some exercises for you to try. I'll post the answers in my next blog post!







FIll in the blanks with the correct form of the phrasal verb "come on".




Jane: How's your new hobby going?

Steven: Which one?

Jane: The pottery. 

Steven: Oh yes! My latest creation is ________ well. It should be finished soon.

Jane: What is it?

Steven: A sculpture of you!

Jane: Me? What?!




David: Hey Shakir. How's your son doing? He got an athletics scholarship, right?

Shakir: Yeah. He's amazing. His running has ________ in leaps and bounds this year.

David: That's wonderful.

Shakir: Yeah. I'm really proud.


Replace the phrasal verb, "come on", with one of the options given so that the meaning is the same.




Eric: How's work?

Emma: Really good thanks.

Eric: What's new?

Emma: Not much. I don't have many new students this term, but the students I've had for a while are really coming on.


a) arriving on time, b) increasing, c) improving, d) not making progress


Rewrite the following conversations by replacing the phrasal verb "come on" with an alternative expression that has a similar meaning. You may need to change the structure of the sentence.




Raj: How's your poker playing?

Frank: Yeah. It's coming on. I need more practise though. You free tonight?

Raj: Sure. But, no bets ok. 

Frank: We can bet pennies, if you like.

Raj: Sounds fun.





Tofa: Aren't you training to be an Alexander Technique teacher?

Ernie: Yes, I am. You remembered!

Tofa: Of course! I like Alexander Technique. How's your training going?

Ernie: My hands-on skills are coming on steadily. Would you like to be a "body" for me?

Tofa: Sounds scary!

Ernie: Nah. I just want to practice my technique on you.

Tofa: Sure. Sounds good.






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