Phrasal Verb #10 - Exercises

April 16, 2019


The phrasal verb, "look at", is one of the most commonly used verbs in the English language. It has at least 5 different meanings. One meaning of the verb is "to analyze, ascertain or scrutinize something"


Below are some exercises for you to try.






Verbs of similar meaning:

analyze; ascertain; scrutinize


Fill in the missing phrasal verbs and put the sentences in the conversations in the correct order:




Jeanette works as a tax accountant. She is in her office talking to her boss, Fred.


Fred: They were really rude at the last meeting I had with them.

Jeanette: I'm ______ it now.

Fred: Hey Jeanette. Where are you with the Roger's accounts?

Jeanette: Don't like them?

Fred: The client wants it asap, but they're being really pushy so don't hurry.

Jeanette: Well, it won't take too long.




Rob is talking to his friend about a recent trip to the emergency room at the hospital.


Tanya: Ok, cool.

Rob: Yeah. The doc _______ the x-ray of my shoulder and said there's no bone damage.

Tanya: How did it go? You ok?

Tanya: Good.

Rob: But I have to go see a physical therapist.

Rob: I'm home.



Correct the grammatical mistakes in these conversations:




Dave: I was look at the Johnson file this morning when my computer crashed.

Phil: Did you lost the data?

Dave: Yeah. I'd been working on the file all morning and I lost it all!

Phil: That's sucks.

Dave: Tell me about it.

Phil: Do you want me to look it at?

Dave: Could you? That would be great. Thanks.

Phil: No problem.





Claire and Esme are hiking in the mountains and they are lost.


Claire: This doesn't look right. Where we are?

Esme: I think we're north of Rothwell Falls.

Claire: Let's look the map. 

Esme: There's no point. I just look it at.

Claire: Well, let's look at again.


Rewrite the following conversation using another word which means the same as "look at".




William: I've looked at this data a million times and there's no pattern I tell you.

Frederick: Well, the computer is telling us something different. 

William: Well, I've done everything I can do.

Frederick: Please look at the data again more closely. Take as much time as you need.

William: Ok. If you say so. But I don't think I'll find anything new.

Frederick: Let's remain open minded. This is science, after all!



If you found these conversations useful, check out my book which contains over 450 original conversations like this plus over 200 exercises!


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